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Its a common story. When your PC was new, it ran like a champ. Programs loaded fast, you could get your work done efficiently, browse the web, and play a few games with little concern about your PC's performance.  But lately you're wondering why your PC is so slow and how these intrusive popup ads had gotten into your system.

So now what do you do?  Well, that's one of the reasons this site was created. 

RalphTheGeek.com was developed to simplify the process of cleaning up your PC and getting it back to a useable tool rather than throwing it out the window.  Like you, we've dealt with many of the same common problems that can plaque a PC.  We'll try to give you options and help simplify the process of cleaning up your PC without spending a heap of money on it or buying a new PC ... only to see the new one get as trashed as the first one. 

Without making it sound too complicated, this site will help you understand what's bugging and bogging down your PC and how you can clean it up...Yourself.  Further this site can help you understand how you can keep it running clean and efficient.


Common Causes of a slow PC
So what causes a PC to run slow?  There are many causes. Read about some of the most common here.
Editing the Registry
The Registry is a database of nearly all the settings for Windows operating system and most of your installed applications. Learn how to edit and clean it yourself.
Removing Spyware
Unless you know how to avoid it and/or combat it, you probably have it on your computer.
Removing Viruses
Learn about viruses and find out how to scan and remove them for Free.
Removing Browser Highjacks
Detects and removes spyware and Browser Highjacks with some great programs.
Top Ten ways to keep your PC healthy
Read our list of the top ten things you can do you keep your computer clean and free from the most common threats to happy computing.
Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
Every day, millions of people receive dozens of unsolicited commercial e-mails, known popularly as "spam." What can you do about it?
Free Online Virus Scanning Services
Site Owners - Encode Your Email Address
Test Your Bandwidth with Online Speed Tests