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Bandwidth Tests

The following list of Top test sites will help you gauge how fast your connection to the Internet is.  Many of these Bandwith tests allow you to connect to a server nearest you for a more accurate speed test.  All tests may be negatively affected by other programs/users sharing your broadband connection during the time of the bandwidth test, or even Internet congestion.

Speakeasy Speed Test
Test your connection speed by measuring the download and upload rate from one of several locations to accurately judge your current line throughput or internet connection speed.
Bandwidth Speed Test from Badnwidth Place Dot Com
Test your Internet connection and view test statistics, compare to other connection methods.
DSL Reports Speed Tests
Test your line speed both upload and download and compare several tests. These test servers are located in quality data centers for maximum accuracy.
PC Pitstop's Download Bandwidth Test
This test measures the time it takes to download a block of data. It uses JavaScript in the page to read the clock time just before and just after the block of data has been downloaded to accurately time the speed of the download.
MySpeed Server Bandwidth Test
This Internet bandwidth speed test accurately measures DSL, ADSL, cable, satellite and other broadband connections by timing actual data transfers. Nice plot comparison of other connection types.
C-NET Bandwidth Test
The CNET Bandwidth Meter speed test will check the bandwidth of your Internet connection against top DSL, cable modem, and other broadband services.

Internet Speed Test - Audit My PC dot com
Nice Java based Broadband Speed Test for Cable, DSL and Modem.  The page also has a lot of good information regarding bandwith speed tests and what it all means.


Common Causes of a slow PC
So what causes a PC to run slow?  There are many causes. Read about some of the most common here.
Editing the Registry
The Registry is a database of nearly all the settings for Windows operating system and most of your installed applications. Learn how to edit and clean it yourself.
Removing Spyware
Unless you know how to avoid it and/or combat it, you probably have it on your computer.
Removing Viruses
Learn about viruses and find out how to scan and remove them for Free.

Removing Browser Highjacks
Detects and removes spyware and Browser Highjacks with some great programs.
Top Ten ways to keep your PC healthy
Read our list of the top ten things you can do you keep your computer clean and free from the most common threats to happy computing.
Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
Every day, millions of people receive dozens of unsolicited commercial e-mails, known popularly as "spam." What can you do about it?
Free Online Virus Scanning Services
Site Owners - Encode Your Email Address
Test Your Bandwidth with Online Speed Tests