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Common Causes of a slow PC

So what causes a PC to run slow?  There are many causes.  Too many to name them all, but there are specific groups of causes that are most common.  Chances are you are affected by one or more of these categories right now.   A few primary causes of a troubled PC will be addressed below.

Too Many Programs Loading

This doesn't just mean the programs you have open right now in front of you.  It include programs running that you don't even know are running.  This category encompasses other categories such as spyware and ad ware as well.  Its probably the most common problem people have.  Every program, whether it's legitimate or not, takes up valuable resources on the PC.  Dealing with this issue can make big gains in performance.  Read More


Spyware / Adware
Far too common a problem

Unless you know how to avoid it and/or combat it, you probably have it on your computer.  Just about every PC has something that fits this category running on the PC, eating up resources, or worse yet, spying on your activity, collecting data from you.  Read More



They're out there by the tens of thousands, being passed from PC to PC by all sorts of methods invading millions of new PCs every year.  What's the best way to combat them and how do you avoid them?   Read More

Using (Free) Online Virus Scanning Services


Browser Hijacks

Who Changed my Homepage??  Why do these damn popups keep coming??  One of the vulnerabilities of web browsers can be a hijack.  Something plugging into, replacing part of, or compromising your window to the Internet, the web browser.  These can be stubborn problems.  Read More


Hardware Issues
You can't make a Hugo perform like a Ferrari but you can Tune up that Hugo.

#1 Issue ... Not Enough Memory.  You only have so much memory in your computer.  When you use it all up, the computer starts to use hard drive space as virtual memory, at a fraction of the speed of actual memory.  The good news is, you can usually add more.  Beyond that, other things determine the overall speed and performance of your PC, such as the CPU, the bus speed, the hard drive's access time, and much more.  Read More

Damaged Operating System

With enough abuse, any operating system can malfunction.  

In most cases, it can be corrected.  Read More



Common Causes of a slow PC
So what causes a PC to run slow?  There are many causes. Read about some of the most common here.
Editing the Registry
The Registry is a database of nearly all the settings for Windows operating system and most of your installed applications. Learn how to edit and clean it yourself.
Removing Spyware
Unless you know how to avoid it and/or combat it, you probably have it on your computer.
Removing Viruses
Learn about viruses and find out how to scan and remove them for Free.

Removing Browser Highjacks
Detects and removes spyware and Browser Highjacks with some great programs.
Top Ten ways to keep your PC healthy
Read our list of the top ten things you can do you keep your computer clean and free from the most common threats to happy computing.
Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
Every day, millions of people receive dozens of unsolicited commercial e-mails, known popularly as "spam." What can you do about it?
Free Online Virus and Spyware Scanning Services
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